Weaving a sustainable future together.

Our story

We’re weaving a sustainable future together — one thread at a time.

For more than a decade, we’ve been leaders in our field — crafting innovative solutions developed with care and precision that bring meaningful change and positive impact to our clients and their communities.

Introducing Whirika

Ahikā Consulting has become Whirika Consulting. Our new name represents the role we play in projects and the type of work we strive to deliver. Collaborative, strong, and interwoven.

Whirika is derived from the word ‘whiri’ — the plaited foundation of a kete used to combine different strands together – thick, thin, wide or narrow.

We work with communities, iwi, businesses, councils, and non-profit organisations across Aotearoa. Together, we develop innovative solutions that implement positive impact for our clients and their communities.

Our talented team work across the sustainability spectrum, providing holistic solutions to meet your needs. We are experts in carbon reduction and offsets, bioenergy, waste minimisation, biodiversity, restoration, integrated land use, and community development.

Energy, Carbon and Waste

We’re working towards a low carbon future and helping Aotearoa transition to a low emission, zero waste economy.

Biodiversity and Restoration

Working with people and nature to create resilient landscapes where community is at the core.

Freshwater, Food, Farms and Forest

We’re committed to fostering sustainable partnerships between land managers and the environment.