Funding closes the loop on energy-use for timber processor

Apr 26, 2023

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) has announced the recipients of its fourth round of industrial de-carbonisation investment from the GIDI fund. This funding supports businesses to reduce carbon emissions by providing investment capital for low-carbon technologies, specifically targeted at stationary process heat such as diesel and coal boilers.

Roger Stuart of Stuart Timber was among the successful applicants — and the only successful Otago applicant. Stuart Timber is a family-owned and operated sawmill based in Tapanui. They process a wide range of timber products — from house piles to weatherboard and almost everything in between.

Whirika have been working alongside Stuart Timber to replace the coal boiler at their Tapanui sawmill with a modern boiler capable of burning the sawdust, shavings and wood chip generated by daily sawmill activities.

Lloyd McGinty and Tom Leov worked alongside Roger and his team to develop a plan, budget and timeline, and were behind this successful bid for GIDI funding.

We’re thrilled Stuart Timber now has the opportunity to make its operations more energy efficient. Congratulations!