Whirika’s own bug man

Sep 25, 2020

Working closely with CRAZE, a European-based marketing company, to develop a fun and educational resource all about insects, James was keen to draw some attention to many of our little-known native species. For him, this was a great opportunity to open kids’ eyes to the amazing insect life in Aotearoa.

What does Perry think of Super Insects? “They’re cool! I like them because I’m learning cool things about insects I didn’t know we had in New Zealand.” Which is your favourite card? “The glow worm card, it glows in the dark!” What is your favourite insect? “Weta – it’s cute!”

Here, James shows us his favourite page about our endangered insects. Which is your favourite card, James? “It’s gotta be the Canterbury knobbled weevil. It’s a scatch ‘n’ sniff card! Do you reckon that smells like aciphylla? That’s all they eat.”